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Volunteer of the Year

Open to a volunteer who has displayed outstanding commitment and dedication. Achievements by nominees will only be considered if they have occurred during the qualifying period of 1 April 2023 to 1 April 2024.

  • This category is eligible for all age groups and gender identities

  • Any volunteer in the Greater Wellington region sport and recreation community is eligible

  • Does not receive remuneration for their volunteer contribution

  • This nominee will have presented a positive image for their sport, club and activity in the Greater Wellington Region

  • The impact of the nominee’s efforts on the community or recipients of the volunteer’s time must be demonstrated

  • Flair, innovation or initiative i.e. a new initiative vs. working within existing programmes

  • Significant contribution – time (hours per week / over the qualifying period), or commitment to extraordinary service to Greater Wellington Club or Sport over the qualifying period)

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