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Lifetime Contribution

This award is presented to an individual who has displayed a commitment to sport and/or recreation that is considered to be well beyond the normal call of duty.

This award recognises a member of our community who has had a positive impact on sport and/or recreation, has earned recognition for their commitment, is respected by the sector and community and has done this over a lifetime.

The Lifetime Contribution Award is not open to public nominations, the winner is chosen by a select judging panel.

George Turirua Lajpold 1.jpg

2021 winner:

George Turirua Lajpold

Rugby Leauge

Past winners

2021     George Turirua Lajpold

2019     Dayle Jackson

2018     Colin Ward

2017     Justin Toebes

2016     Keith Quinn

2015     Andy Leslie

2014     John Bradbury

2013     Chris Kenny

2012     Alan Rice

2011     Ian Wells

2010     Mike Walsh 

2009     Bill Matson

2008     Lorraine Duffy

2007     Joe O’Brien

2006     Ken Elliott

2005     Tay Wilson

2004     Dale Wortman

2003     Colleen Pobar

2002     Jim Blair

2001     Don Neely