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Team of the Year

This award recognises two outstanding teams or two or more people, one on a community-based level and one on a performance-based level. Achievements by nominees will only be considered if they have occurred during the qualifying period of 1 April 2023 to 1 April 2024.

  • Clubs/franchises with volunteers, paid staff, amateurs and professionals are eligible for this award

  • Clubs/franchises will not have represented another province outside the Greater Wellington Region during the qualifying period

  • The nominee or nominees during the qualifying period must be a member of and have competed for a local or regional sporting team e.g. club team, school team, representative team or franchise that is aligned to or part of the wider Wellington Region

  • Performance level is considered to have partaken in a national or international level competition

  • Community level is considered to have participated in a local, regional level (as an amateur), competitively or socially. It can be within a registered club or an unofficial sports group or team 

  • Judges will take into account involvement and commitment to the sport on and off the field. Any relevant examples of the team going above and beyond within their sport will be considered

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