Emerging Sportswoman

of the Year

Open to any female athlete who has excelled as an individual or in a team in one or more sports within the qualifying period, who has the greatest potential to be the Wellington Sportsperson of the Year winner in the future. Nominees must be under the age of 20 as at 18 April 2021 (end of achievement period).


Achievements by nominees will only be considered if they have occurred during the qualifying period of 18 April 2019 to 18 April 2021.


  • Nominees will not have represented provinces, schools or clubs outside the Greater Wellington Region during the judging period, where there have been opportunities to represent provinces, schools or clubs at the same level within the Greater Wellington Region


  • Must not have achieved success at elite international level or have represented New Zealand as part of a national open team. Success at an elite international level is defined as having medalled at the Olympic Games or Senior World Championships (or that sports equivalent competition).


  • Individual athlete or athlete in a team, under the age of 20, who has the greatest potential to be an Olympic or World champion and a Wellington Supreme Award winner in the future


  • This award can only be won once by an individual


Nominees under consideration for the awards must be a ‘Wellingtonian’ as per the criteria (a), (b), or (c) below:

(a) Through residency in the greater Wellington region during the qualifying period

(b) Through representing the Wellington region or a Wellington based club in their chosen discipline during the qualifying period

(c) Through being commonly acknowledged as a Wellingtonian (including the Wairarapa, Kapiti, Porirua and Hutt Valley) although not regularly resident in the region due to the demands of their sporting career.

The Wellington Sport and Recreation Awards are proudly brought to you by

Nuku Ora, an independent body for physical activity in the greater Wellington region. We are a Regional Sports Trust (RST) dedicated to improving the wellbeing of the communities we serve.

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